Ascent Strategy Group clients include global corporations, pioneering startups, health systems, research hubs, digital health services, medical devices, wearables, quantum technologies, robotics, dietary supplements, life science endeavors, and food-as-medicine ventures, among others.

A Full Suite of Services by the Industry's Most Advanced Team in Digital Health.

Reinvention is a premium offering for the digital health revolution. ASG’s team brings cutting-edge skills to casting new narratives and guiding reputation rebuilding so that challenges become opportunities to tell a new story.


Trust is essential to advance the transformation of healthcare. ASG practitioners are top-of-the-field corporate communicators who know how to build company and executive reputations, protect them, and evolve them over time.

Reputation Management

From pitching investors and collaborating with medical professionals during development to engaging health systems and launching to patients and consumers, ASG knows how to choreograph communications to be an integral part of a pathway to adoption.

Strategic Planning

ASG team members are partnership strategists, trained negotiators, and skilled marketing professionals experience in generating return on partnerships investments and reaching highly segmented audiences.


ASG practitioners have activated at major events and created and promoted global health observances. We will show you how to connect your health topic and brand to trending conversation and leverage cultural events as growth pulse points.

Culture Tapping

Next-level storytelling in healthcare is a path to broader awareness, deeper audience connection, and purposeful digital transformation. ASG is home to an accomplished movie producer and skilled writers who know how to shape brand narratives and tell memorable stories for brand leadership, product power, and mission evolution.

Narrative & Storytelling

Industry transformation is led by expert voices who share knowledge and guide a new direction. ASG works with executives, founders, and innovators to build powerful platforms to present their viewpoints, predictions, and guidance for change.

Thought Leadership

At ASG, social is an important platform to listen, learn, and connect. Our team includes social media pioneers who were part of building early social platforms and have navigated algorithms as they have changed. We invest in listening to help our clients gain knowledge from online conversation and who is driving it.

Social Media & Listening

ASG fosters relationships with top influencers as well as micro-influencers who move the needle in online communities. Our team includes savvy negotiators who set the stage for the best content creation collaborations in the business.

Influencer Marketing

ASG invests in constant study of the space, the latest research, and the rising category leaders. We offer our clients proprietary insights and deep-dive analysis with proven resources to conduct market research. Our campaigns are rooted in data and managed by a team at the forefront of Digital Health.

Research & Insights

Fueling the Digital Health revolution requires big ideas and creative breakthroughs rooted in sound strategy. ASG Creative knows the space as it exists, and how it aspires to be. From an accomplished movie producer to a team of designers, copywriters, and creative maestros, we are relentless in our pursuit of best-in-class creative.


ASG is home to marketing innovators who have achieved pioneering firsts in the field. From earned-worthy content to paid amplification, we know how to stretch budgets and make smart investments for board-room-worthy ROI.

Digital Marketing

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