The first agency founded and built to fuel the digital health revolution and to power the transformation of healthcare. Our mission is to grow the Digital Health category and advance health equity.

Founded by John Digles, an award-winning CMO and healthtech communications pioneer, ASG is home to a team of accomplished practitioners who are evolving emerging disciplines at the zeitgeist of healthcare transformation ignition points to support global brands, pioneering startups, digital health services, medical devices, wearables, quantum technologies, robotics, dietary supplements, life science endeavors, and food-as-medicine ventures, among others.


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ASG practitioners, including healthcare marketers and skilled writers, are shaping narratives and brand stories to recast reputations, build connections, and foster trust across highly-segmented medical professional audiences and patient constituencies.

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Ascent Strategy Group is reinventing the agency model to provide our clients with expertise, collaboration with key opinion leaders, and higher return on investment.

When is the last time your agency showed you a way to save money? Optimizing your budget and applying the top skills in the space to deliver an outstanding return on investment is our priority for you. ASG is led by a C-suite executive and agency leader who is fluent in the language of the board room. Our metrics get to what matters most: measurable business results.

We think differently,
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We think differently, listen actively, and compete relentlessly.

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